Here are some materials to help ragbag family band families be prepared for class. Please look them over, and if you have any questions, get in touch.

Ukulele Tuning Instructions

Ukulele and Recorder Fingerings

I’ve spoken with William at Berkeley Musical Instrument Exchange, and he is ordering ukuleles and recorders (recorders come in different sizes and tunings, so he’ll have the correct instruments for this class). If you haven’t purchased instruments yet, please support one of our last remaining local music shops by buying them there, and be sure to mention the ragbag family band class. Here’s their website for hours and more information:

If you wish to purchase a glockenspiel or xylophone (optional), I suggest getting one through West Music. Here are links to appropriate instruments:

Drums can be purchased locally from Best Music in Oakland, The Starving Musician in Berkeley or from Berkeley Musical Instrument Exchange. They can be ordered online from West Music or Musician’s Friend. I’m also happy to incorporate instruments and skills that folks bring with them. If you already play an instrument (even at the beginner level) let me know, and we’ll work it into the class. I will bring and play various instruments during the course of the class and demonstrate how the different instruments fit into the ensemble.